It's Different

Memory Championship

Memory is the core to anything you would do in life. A speaker is a great speaker if he does not have to look at a paper. Likewise, you can be great at anything you do only if you knew how to best USE YOUR HEAD. National memory championships are conducted in India once every year. While the world memory championships have been happening for the last 2 decades, India only started its memory championships 6 years ago. The sport is still new and raw and this is the best time to introduce yourself into the sport. What will be your confidence level if you could remember a list of 50 random objects without a single repetition? If you could remember a 50 or a 100 digit number reading it only once? If you could remember Names and faces of 50 new people in a single meeting.

Personality Development

In today’s dynamic and competitive era, you need to have pleasing and confident personality. We will help you develop excellent personality with trainings and workshops. We also provide trainings and workshops for parents and teachers. Kindly contact for more details.

    Programs for Students:
  • Study skills
  • Venting it out!
  • Enhancing memory
  • Developing EQ
  • Handling peer pressure
  • Developing confidence
  • Exam fear
  • Assertiveness

Mission Nirbhaya

Today the incidents of rapes and sexual assaults are increasing day by day. Statistics show that in maximum incidents accused is known to the victim. In today’s busy and insensitive lifestyle no one comes to help. Hence we should help ourselves. In all this scenario we have designed a special and effective self defense program called ‘Mission Nirbhaya’ for women which will help them throughout their life and will protect them in every situation.

    For Small Girls
  • Duration: 1 Day (4 hrs.)
  • Group Size: 30
  • Fees: Rs.350/-
  • Age Group: 12 to 16 yrs
    For Women
  • Duration: 2 Days (8 hrs. each)
  • Group Size: 20
  • Fees: Rs.1200/-
  • Age Group: 18 to 30 0r 30 +
  • Incl: Tea and Breakfast, Veg Lunch & Expertise.

Clay Modeling

Clay modeling is popular with almost all age groups. Clay craft is very easy to work with. It is ideal for beginners. With nothing more than a block of clay, the artist can begin his journey of creativity. Clay modeling is considered to be relaxing and a lot of people are taking to this as a hobby or a stress busting activity.

  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • Fees: Rs.350/-
  • Group Size: 10 students
  • Age group: 10 yrs +
  • Details: Clay articles, basic shapes, simple ganpati idol, animals, fruits, flowers etc.
  • You will get: - Take away articles made by kids

Financial Awareness Program

Basic course on investment in share market & Mutual Funds Fees: Rs. 2500/-

  • 4 days * 4 hrs theory sessions.
  • 1 full day live share market training.
  • Audio – Visual sessions.
  • Study material & stationery included.
  • Lifetime help & Support.
  • Lowest course fees across industry.
  • Assistance in opening DMAT & Trading A/c.
  • Placement Guaranteed.
  • Introduction to Share Market.
  • Various ways & strategies of investment in share market.
  • Generating confidence for investing in share market.
  • To make people knowledgeable & wealthy.
  • To help create another source of income.
  • To understand how to earn maximum profit with minimum risk.