Hill Cycling

Climbing hills on a bicycle is of great fun. Climbing steep hills on a cycle requires knowing a few tips about increasing your stamina, positioning yourself correctly on the cycle, and changing those gears. So hop back on your bike and enjoy travelling through the beautiful hills and rivers. Hill Cycling can be full of fun and adventure. Experience the hills with new idea.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with perceived risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion. Adventure tourists may be motivated to achieve mental states characterized as rush or flow, resulting from stepping outside of their comfort zone. This may be from experiencing culture shock or through the performance of acts, that require significant effort and involve some degree of risk and/or physical danger.

This may include activities such as mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rafting, zip-lining, paragliding, and rock climbing. Other rising forms of adventure travel include social and jungle tourism.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching or birding is the observation of birds as a recreational activity. It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for bird sounds. Bird Watching often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye. Most birdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or social reasons.

Jungle Suffary

India has a privilege to home a wide variety of natural flora and fauna. It's the home of one of the most majestic animals to walk on the face of this earth " TIGER " The most disheartening part is that, we have failed to understand and value it. Unfortunately, many misconceptions still persist. Some believe that wildlife primarily means tigers and lions; then there are those who think a national park is like a zoo or a public garden, or that it is surrounded by a high wall or a fence designed to control the movements of wild animals.

Only a few know that wildlife management is a specialized field with intricacies of its own, and fewer still can appreciate even the basic hard work that goes into making a success of wildlife conservation in a national park or wildlife sanctuary.

Mumbai Darshan

Mumbai is a mega city. A city always on the go and with a culture which is distinctively its own. The Distance between Mumbai to Mumbai Darshan is 20Kms by road. Mumbai Darshan places covered are: Siddhivinayak Temple, Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Hotel, Leopold Cafe, Nariman Point, Prince of Wales Museum, Jehangir Art Gallery, Marine Drive, Taraporewala Aquarium, Chowpathy Beach, And enroute - Church Gate, Victoria Terminus or CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and Malabar Hill and many more.

Mumbai Street Food

So what is it that takes a gourmand to the streets and what is special about Mumbai street food? To answer both, we have to land right on these streets filled with the spice of life and the joie de vivre. Street food of Mumbai is the food sold by hawkers from portable stalls in Mumbai. The city is known for its distinctive street foods.

Although street food is common all over India, street food in Mumbai is noted because people from all economic classes eat on the roadside almost round the clock and it is sometimes felt that the taste of street food is better than restaurants in the city.
Vada Pav is noted as the most popular street food in Mumbai. Other noted street foods in Mumbai include Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Sevpuri, Dahipuri, Sandwiches, Ragda-pattice, Pav Bhaji, Chinese bhel, idlis and Dosas, all of which are vegetarian. In terms of non-vegetarian offerings omelette-pav, kebabs and fish are found on Mumbai streets. In the 1980s Indianised Chinese food was an emerging trend on Mumbai streets.
Kulfi (a type of ice cream) and gola (type of ice cone) are among the desserts and coolants found on Mumbai streets. Apart from snacks, Mumbai has several juice and milkshake bars on the roadside that offer a variety of juices and milkshakes. Fresh Sugarcane juice vendors are commonly found. Tea vendors cycle around the city, selling the beverage hot on the streets. Paan, a betel leaf preparation eaten as a mouth fresher post meals in India is also sold at Mumbai's roadside stalls.

Costal Maharashtra

Maharashtra's 720 km long affair with the Arabian Sea extends from Dahanu and Bordi in the north up to Goa proceeding southwards. If you've got a penchant for sand, sea and surf, this Maharashtra has a great many interesting options in store. Any place you choose is conveniently linked to Mumbai - a good starting point. The coastal climate of Maharashtra makes travelling pleasant all round the year.

Seas are rough only during the monsoon which strikes between June and September. Discover the real Maharashtra while you soak up the sun on soft sands or explore intriguing sights.

Forts of Maharashtra

Standing as silent sentinels to history are the 350-odd forts of Maharashtra. Beaten by the sea waves, lashed at by the torrential Deccan rains, or scorched in the blazing sun, stand imposing ramparts and crumbling walls .the last lingering memories of Maharashtra's martial times. Nowhere in the country would you encounter such a profusion of forts. And such variety.

Sited on an island, as at Murud-Janjira or guarding the seas as at Bassein, or among the Sahyadri hills, as at Raigad, whose zig-zag walls and rounded bastions sit like a scepter and crown amidst hills turned mauve.
Most of the forts in Maharashtra whether up in the hills or near the seas are associated with King Shivaji -the great Maratha warrior and an equally great fort builder. Moreover, these forts were treated as mini-cities, such as Panhala, which is now a hill station. The concept of the fort-city was, however, not peculiar to Shivaji alone. The Portuguese who came to India as traders and missionaries, built within a century of their coming, Bassein, a garden city to rival many a European capital.
Experience the unique creations and master architectures with us. We will take you to the best of the forts of the Maharashtra surrounded with the nature and bravery. Be a part of the history.

Spiritul India

Enjoy the perfect introduction to Spiritual India as we explore the icons and discover the secrets of this fascinating region. Experience a more spiritual existence as you travel through India's highlights and discover a land rich in contrasts. The main idea of the spiritual tours is to give you time to relax. Our Spiritual tours are especially designed for people who want to experience India's rich spiritual history and have an experience of a lifetime.

The places you will be visiting are one of the most serene and spiritually enriched places on the face of earth.

Haunted India

A haunted house is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.

Industrial Tourism

Industrial tourism is a type of tourism which involves visits to operational companies and industrial heritage; it offers visitors an experience with regard to products, production processes, applications, and historical backgrounds.