Who am I


Hi friends!!!!!
My name is Crazy Bug. I reside inside your brain and I make you do crazy things. My duty is to bring out other crazy bugs (Crazyness) lying inside you, to help you do something out of the box, which will give you the joy of the self creation. I am a catalyst to make your life tension free and joyful. So don't ever forget me.

What I Do

I offer you variety of courses and activities that will enrich you with abundance of knowledge, skills and fun. You will enjoy limitless joy and relaxed mind. I provide you number of hobby courses and activities under one roof.

Crazy Story

Once upon a time, there used to be a lawyer named Arjun Singh. He was a brilliant, handsome and fearless person with dreams of greatness. He was tough, hard driving and willing to work eighteen hours a day for the success. From college days itself, he used to keep himself busy in learning and doing something. Ultimately he achieved the goal of his life and became Delhi's most known lawyer. After few years of practice, he was so demanded by the people that he hardly used to get some time for himself. Timeless work and sleepless research happened to be the part of his life.
One fine day he was arguing in the courtroom, for most popular Silverine Finance Company Case; suddenly he collapsed right in the middle of a packed courtroom. The great Arjun Singh had been reduced to a victim and was now squirming on the ground like a helpless infant, shaking and shivering and sweating like a maniac. He suffered a serious heart attack.
Everyone tried meeting him, but he met nobody. That day he took a decision to quite a law practice. Everyone was shocked by this news. No one could realize, what was the reason behind this. Ultimately the reason left in the shell unknown to anyone.
After few years, when I was busy with my work, the door to my office opened slowly. At last it swung fully open, revealing a smiling man in his mid thirties. He was a tall muscular with abundance of vitality and energy. An underlying peacefulness gave him an almost divine presence. It was Arjun Singh; full of enthusiasm and energy.
I was astonished by the newly transformed Arjun singh. 'How could someone who looked like a tired old man only a few short years ago now look so vibrant and alive?
That day he told me that when he was on the death bed, he tried to tally the balance sheet of his life, and what he found was, in the entire 35 years he didn't give a single minute for himself. He kept on working on and on. He told me that hyper competitive legal world had taken its toll on him, not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually. The fast pace and endless demands had worn him out and run him down. He admitted that his body had fallen apart and that his mind had lost its luster. His heart attack was only one symptom of a deeper problem. The constant pressure and exhausting schedule of a world class lawyer had broken his most important and perhaps most human endowment: his spirit. When given the ultimatum by his doctor either to give up the law or give up his life, he said he saw a golden opportunity to rekindle the inner fire he had known when he was younger, a fire that had been extinguished as the law became less a pleasure and more a business.
That day onwards he decided to live rest of his life for himself. He did lot of new things in his life. He went to the mountains of Himalaya, Learnt martial art from China, Warli paintings from the remote villages of India and lot more.
Today at the ending days of his life he says that he is privileged to see and experience much of the world created by the god and has lived his life to the fullest and no more expectations from the life….
Moral of the story- Today we also work for hours and hours to sustain in the competition, like Arjun Singh used to work in the above story. If he did not suffer from heart attack, he couldn't have seen and experienced the beauty of the life and beautiful creation of the god. Today we hardly give some time for ourselves. Always remember we earn money for ourselves and should give some time for ourselves. Just sit calm & give it a thought how you live your life and you will find amazing transformation in yourself.

Crazy Facts

1) Normal Human Beings don't use 95% of their brain.
2) 87.8% of the human beings don't do anything beyond their daily chores.
3) 91.2% people waste their time in sleeping on weekends and holidays.
4) people die of heart attack every minute in India due to hypertension, stress and excessive work load.
5) More than 1500 arts and skills got vanished with time alone in India.
6) 780 Languages spoken in India, 250 died out in last 50 yrs.

Our Aspirations

God has created wonderful world with beautiful nature and limitless other things like music, art, food, culture and lot more things . We aspire to provide you as many such things which are prevailing in this world. We want to make every human being in this world rich with knowledge, skills and joy. Our aspiration is to bring all the hobbies and activities to your doorstep under one roof. We want to make everyone happy, stress-free and full of skills.

Our Motive

It is being said that King Shajahan cut the hands of his workers after building Taj Mahal; so that no one else can build such beautiful monument.
There are lot of art forms like this which vanished with time as no one taught these art forms to others. Our efforts will always be there to preserve and grow such arts.