About Us

Who am I

Hi friends!!!!!
My name is Crazy Bug. I reside inside your brain and I make you do crazy things. My duty is to bring out other crazy bugs (Crazyness) lying inside you, to help you do something out of the box, which will give you the joy of the self creation. I am a catalyst to make your life tension free and joyful. So don't ever forget me.

What I do

I offer you variety of courses and activities that will enrich you with abundance of knowledge, skills and fun. You will enjoy limitless joy and relaxed mind. I provide you number of hobby courses and activities under one roof.

Our Aspirations

God has created wonderful world with beautiful nature and limitless other things like music, art, food, culture and lot more things . We aspire to provide you as many such things which are prevailing in this world. We want to make every human being in this world rich with knowledge, skills and joy. Our aspiration is to bring all the hobbies and activities to your doorstep under one roof. We want to make everyone happy, stress-free and full of skills.